Owwi Seating Collection by Arnau Reyna for Actiu

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Actiu, the office furniture brand, has collaborated with design studio Arnau Reyna to create the Owwi seating collection, now available on Dezeen Showroom. This collection features an armchair and a two-seater sofa, both designed with a wrap-around back and armrests that provide a cozy and enveloping experience for the user.

The Owwi collection is characterized by its sleek design and attention to detail. The seats and backrests are upholstered in white textured fabric on the inside, creating a clean and sophisticated look. The outer sides of the chair can be customized with a selection of vibrant and colorful fabrics, allowing users to add a personal touch to their interior spaces.

Actiu’s main objective with the Owwi collection was to create seating that fosters conversation in hybrid working spaces, while also providing a retreat from the outside world. The brand believes that creating environments that enhance the physical and emotional well-being of people is crucial in today’s world. The Owwi collection is designed to meet this need, offering a comfortable and inviting place where individuals can connect or disconnect as desired.

The brand describes the Owwi collection as an “icon that is recognisable to the touch and to the eye”. Its simple yet elegant design, combined with its versatility, makes it a standout piece of furniture. The enveloping backrest adds an element of comfort and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for both work and leisure spaces.

For more information about the Owwi collection, interested parties can contact Actiu directly at [email protected].

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