Palermo floor tiles by Grespania

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Grespania, a Spanish ceramics manufacturer, has introduced a new line of porcelain flooring tiles called Palermo. These tiles are designed to replicate the elegant aesthetics of Augustus Grey marble from Central Asia, with muted hues and minimal white veining.

The Palermo range offers three subtle colors – bone, grey, and toupe – aiming to create an ambiance of serene luxury while providing a more durable alternative to traditional marble flooring. According to Jordi Albella, the managing director of Grespania UK, Palermo enhances the allure of marble while offering the resilience and durability of porcelain.

The tiles are available in four rectangular formats, as well as a long rectangular shape suitable for herringbone patterns. Additionally, Grespania provides two mesh-backed mosaic options – the evenly gridded Siracuse mosaic and the irregular Lacio mosaic.

For a cohesive aesthetic, Palermo is also available in wall tile versions in ivory or greige.

Grespania is a member of Tile of Spain, an association that represents more than 100 tile manufacturers in the country.

For more information about the Palermo tiles, brands can contact Grespania at [email protected]

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