Parsonson Architects creates a compact ‘Herald Garden Studio’ residence in New Zealand.

You are currently viewing Parsonson Architects creates a compact ‘Herald Garden Studio’ residence in New Zealand.

Parsonson Architects, a New Zealand design firm, has created a contemporary addition to a Victorian home in Berhampore called Herald Garden Studio. This sustainable and efficient structure was specifically designed with the needs of a family in mind, serving as a flexible space for various purposes, including play, study, and guest accommodation.

Despite being located at the back of the property, Herald Garden Studio maintains a strong visual connection with the main house. The architects have cleverly incorporated a sheltered outdoor space that acts as a bridge between the two structures. The main interior space of the studio receives ample natural light throughout the day due to its north-facing position. The bathroom and storage area are discreetly tucked away at the rear, optimizing the use of space. Above, a mezzanine level serves as a sleeping area or a playful hideaway for the children.

One of the standout features of Herald Garden Studio is its seamless integration with the natural surroundings. The deck, pergola, and main interior space form a cohesive, triangulated structure that fosters a strong connection between the indoors and outdoors. This architectural choice not only enhances the functionality of the studio but also complements the beauty of the surrounding vegetation.

In terms of design aesthetics, Parsonson Architects opted for a minimalist and eco-conscious approach. The use of wood as the primary construction material reflects a commitment to simplicity and sustainability. Both the structure itself and the internal linings are made of wood, with the linings featuring zero formaldehyde ‘Strandboard’ finished with natural WOCA oil. This conscious selection of materials not only results in a minimalist interior but also aligns with the team’s eco-friendly principles.

Overall, Herald Garden Studio exemplifies modern design principles while seamlessly blending with its historic surroundings. Its sustainable features and versatile functionality make it a perfect addition to the Victorian home, meeting the needs of a contemporary family.

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