Prada’s SS24 Womenswear: Pink Slime Takes Over Terracotta and Beige Set Design

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Prada made a bold statement during their SS24 Menswear runway show with the use of thick, gossamer-like slime pouring from the ceiling onto the steel floor. This time, for their SS24 Womenswear show, the fashion house opted for a different approach, showcasing silver pink slime cascading from a terracotta-colored ceiling down to a light beige-hued floor.

Continuing with their Fluid Form and architectural theme, Prada created a set design that provided a similar liquid experience for their Womenswear collection. Unlike the Menswear show, which featured a more sporadic distribution of slime, the silver pink slime in the Womenswear show was arranged in a linear formation, obscuring the audience’s view from a single point. Additionally, the slime funneled down in a gradient effect, starting out thick and gradually thinning as it reached the floor.

Models wearing Prada’s SS24 Womenswear collection gracefully made their way around the set design, enhancing the soft movements of the slime. The diaphanous clothing complimented the flowing nature of the slime, while cinched waists and oversized jackets in dark tones added contrast against the terracotta and beige backdrop. The distinct colors of the floor and ceiling helped spotlight the collection, ensuring clarity for the audience.

When it comes to Prada’s fashion shows, renowned design firm OMA/AMO and architect Rem Koolhaas play a significant role in creating the immersive set designs. Their focus lies in incorporating intriguing textures and finishes, as exemplified in previous shows, such as Prada’s FW23 show with movable chandeliers. It’s highly likely that they had a hand in the innovative set design for Prada’s SS24 Menswear and Womenswear shows, where the star of the show was the captivating silver pink slime flowing from the ceiling to the floor.

In conclusion, Prada’s decision to switch from steel to silver pink slime for their SS24 Womenswear show created a captivating aesthetic. The fluid motion of the slime, combined with the contrasting colors of the set design, allowed the audience to fully appreciate the collection. Prada continues to push boundaries with their imaginative set designs, making each fashion show a unique and memorable experience.

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