Pritzker Prize Winner Diébédo Francis Kéré: “Has Given Me Courage”

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Pritzker Architecture Prize-winner Diébédo Francis Kéré, known for his resource-light community buildings, has expressed his openness to designing a skyscraper when the time is right. In an interview with Dezeen at the UIA World Congress of Architects, Kéré discussed the impact of winning the prestigious Pritzker award, stating that it pushed him to be more engaged and to further develop his ideas. Kéré, the first African to win the award, is widely recognized for his socially conscious projects, including schools, health centers, and community buildings in various African countries. He believes that it is essential for architecture prizes to continue recognizing different types of architects and award quality work. Kéré’s success has also led to opportunities for residential projects for wealthy clients, although he clarified that he is not actively seeking to design a skyscraper, but rather would consider it if it made a difference and aligned with his values. Furthermore, Kéré emphasized the importance of architects being connected to the process of constructing buildings and advocated for a more hands-on approach. He also highlighted the need for architects to take more action in addressing pressing issues such as climate change and the shortage of affordable housing in urban areas.

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