Residence in Jakarta by K-Thengono Incorporates Reinterpreted Joglo Roofs

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Studio K-Thengono has reimagined the traditional Joglo house typology with their latest residential project in Darmawangsa, Indonesia. The aim of the project is to achieve a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity within living spaces while addressing the gradual loss of vernacular qualities in modern architecture.

Covering an area of 494 sqm, the residence consists of four scattered vernacular entities that are connected through a streamlined glass atrium. This central atrium gives the illusion of floating and serves as a link between the traditional Joglo house elements and the contemporary cuboid design.

The vernacular entities are characterized by natural materials such as wood and stone, and they follow traditional construction methods involving layered wooden beams and columns. The roofs, shaped like a frustum pyramid, are fitted with skylights and window openings to allow natural light into the space. An inhabitable mezzanine level connects the private spaces to the rooftop garden, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas.

At the heart of the residence lies the elevated atrium, which serves as a spatial break within the residential space and provides a designated family gathering area. The perimeter of the atrium is framed by frameless glass windows, offering panoramic views of the surrounding environment.

The delicate fusion of traditional and contemporary architecture in K-Thengono’s design creates a distinctive juxtaposition and enhances the spatial experience within the living spaces. By drawing from the rich heritage of the Joglo house deeply rooted in Javanese culture, the residential project pays homage to tradition while embracing the future.

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