SAKO architects’ Vertical Rainbow Facade Filters Tokyo Cityscape Through Vivid Lens

You are currently viewing SAKO architects’ Vertical Rainbow Facade Filters Tokyo Cityscape Through Vivid Lens

SAKO Architects has successfully transformed Tokyo’s streetscape with its latest project, the Vertical Rainbow facade. Known for their innovative use of colors, the Japanese studio has taken a typical ‘pencil’ headquarters building and turned it into a symbol of creativity. This architectural masterpiece serves as the home of a global paint company, and its exterior reflects the infinite spectrum of colors that the company represents.

What sets this design apart is the use of a newly developed in-house paint for outdoor glass. SAKO Architects used this revolutionary material to apply a gradient coating to the tempered laminated glass, giving the facade its vibrant and multicolored appearance. The minimalist support provided by horizontal frames on the top and bottom two sides further enhances the illusion that the building is composed solely of colorful glass panels.

During daylight hours, the Vertical Rainbow facade truly comes to life. As sunlight streams through the colored glass, it transforms into a mesmerizing palette of hues that cast luminous shadows across the terrace floor and adjacent building exteriors. The interaction between the ever-changing play of clouds, sky, and colors resembles a digital work of art, especially on cloudy days when the sky readily reflects the building’s vibrant facade. The interior of the building is also flooded with a surreal landscape of colors, creating a dreamlike atmosphere.

As the sun sets, the Vertical Rainbow takes on a whole new atmosphere. Illuminated by strategically placed lights, the glass panels emit a soft and ethereal glow, giving the facade the appearance of a ‘night rainbow’. This transformation adds another layer of beauty to the already stunning design.

SAKO Architects’ creative use of colors has not only transformed the building itself but has also had a significant impact on Tokyo’s cityscape. The eclectic city now appears filtered with vivid colors, almost like a new artistic composition. This project is a prime example of how architecture can enhance and transform an urban environment, bringing creativity and vibrancy to the streets.

The Vertical Rainbow facade stands as a testament to SAKO Architects’ unique vision and their ability to push the boundaries of design. This project is a true reflection of the infinite spectrum of colors and the creativity that a global paint company represents. Tokyo’s streetscape will never be the same again, thanks to this vibrant and transformative architectural masterpiece.

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