Samsung’s flagship New York store offers an immersive smart home experience

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Samsung’s flagship experience store in New York City, located in the Meatpacking District, has been designed to give visitors a glimpse into the future of smart living. Described as an “interactive playground” by the brand, the Samsung 837 store allows visitors to engage with the latest connected home devices from Samsung.

On the second floor of the store, visitors can explore the SmartThings Home section. This section provides a simulated smart home environment where visitors can test Samsung’s connected products. One of the highlights is the connected kitchen, featuring the innovative Bespoke Refrigerator. Visitors can experience the touchscreen capabilities of the refrigerator and imagine how it could enhance their daily lives.

The store also boasts a gaming lounge, where visitors can engage in real-time gaming experiences using Samsung consoles. This allows consumers to have a firsthand experience of Samsung’s gaming offerings.

In addition, the SmartThings Home section includes a children’s bedroom with a projector that allows visitors to enjoy movies while lying in bed. This showcases how smart technology can enhance entertainment experiences in a home setting.

Samsung customers can make use of the SmartThings app to connect and monitor all of their smart home devices in one place. Additionally, the app’s SmartThings Energy activation feature allows users to keep track of their energy consumption and make efforts to reduce their energy bills.

The store also showcases Samsung’s Bespoke service, which offers customers the opportunity to customize Samsung products to suit their personal style. This includes selecting custom color combinations and finishes to make each product unique.

Apart from being a retail space, the flagship store serves as a venue for various talks and events throughout the year. Recently, Dezeen partnered with Samsung to host a live panel discussion in the store, exploring the intersection of technology and sustainability. The panelists discussed how connected homes can contribute to more sustainable lifestyles.

This article was written by Dezeen for Samsung as part of a partnership. For more information about Dezeen partnership content, visit their website.

In conclusion, Samsung’s flagship experience store in New York City offers visitors an immersive and interactive experience of living in a smart home. The store showcases the latest connected home devices from Samsung, allowing visitors to test and explore their features. With its unique offerings and events, the flagship store serves as a hub for innovation and education in the realm of smart living.

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