Sarah Sherman Samuel’s New Home Collection for Lulu & Georgia

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Renowned interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel has teamed up with Lulu and Georgia to introduce her new autumn collection. The Sarah Sherman Samuel Collection features a range of furniture, rugs, decor, lighting, and bedding with a warm and modern style.

The collection reflects Samuel’s personal touch and draws inspiration from various sources, including her Finnish background. The designer stated, “Like everything I design, there are so many personal pieces in this new line. I designed cabinet doors with my dad, drew inspiration from my Finnish background, and find inspiration in so many different places.”

Meticulous craftsmanship is at the heart of each piece in the collection, with nature serving as a consistent source of inspiration. Samuel explained, “As a whole, nature is always and forever the driving force of inspiration for my work. From color palette to shapes and motifs, nothing inspires me more than the natural world.”

The bedding components of the Sarah Sherman Samuel Collection have garnered significant attention. Samuel aimed to create a diverse collection with unique shapes and styles that are both cozy and eye-catching. The collection includes large quilted bed covers, scalloped edge pillowcases, ruffled edge shams, and a skirted bedspread.

In terms of material selection, Samuel opted for hemp due to its natural and luxurious feel. “I love hemp because it’s super soft and gets softer with age, but is also incredibly durable. It’s also very breathable and more absorbent than most fabrics, so it is thermoregulating, keeping you warm in cooler temperatures and cool when it’s hot out,” she explained.

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