Sculptural Concrete Staircase and Distorted Mirrors Bring Life to Minimalist Photo Studio in Tokyo

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SPEC, a Tokyo-based design studio, has transformed a utilitarian space in Tokyo into a versatile and minimalist creative studio. Hoth.Studio, located on the fifth and sixth floors of a six-story building, offers a space that can be used for seasonal apparel brand shoots, product photography with models for e-commerce sites, and exhibitions.

The design team at SPEC has utilized plain white walls and ceilings, wooden partitions, and polished concrete floors to create a distinct photo spot within the studio. The studio’s standout feature is a winding staircase with irregular stonework, which adds texture and a sculptural element to the space. In addition, distorted mirrors are strategically placed to generate a dynamic spatial experience.

On the fifth floor, Hoth.Studio has introduced a sculptural concrete staircase and a concrete box housing the elevator. The staircase, polished to reveal encapsulated gravel, not only serves as a functional element but also becomes a dynamic platform for presenting apparel and models against the backdrop of the orderly white walls and concrete floors.

Moving up to the sixth floor, SPEC faced the challenge of a flat surface creating dead space. Instead of traditional design solutions like storage, the team opted for an avant-garde approach. They installed a distorted glass panel with a mirrored surface spanning the full 4.4-meter ceiling, adding a unique visual dimension to the minimalist interior. This feature allows photographers and art directors to experiment and use it as a canvas for creative exploration.

Hoth.Studio offers a versatile and visually stimulating space for various uses, from apparel brand shoots to exhibitions. With its minimalist design and interplay of light and texture, the studio provides a blank canvas for creative professionals to bring their visions to life.

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