Seoul Design Award 2023 Introduces Citizens’ Vote to Promote Sustainability

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Seoul Design Award 2023 is inviting citizens from all over the world to participate in voting for their favorite design projects. This international design contest aims to recognize and celebrate innovative projects that provide creative solutions to everyday challenges. The voting period will take place from September 27th to October 15th, 2023, giving the public the opportunity to contribute to the promotion of sustainability through their votes.

This year, the competition received 356 submissions from 62 countries. A total of 22 winning submissions have been rigorously reviewed by judges, including designboom co-founder Birgit Lohmann, over the past few months. These projects showcase the diverse and creative ways in which designers are addressing societal challenges.

To further engage the public, the Seoul Design Foundation, the organizing body of the Seoul Design Award, has introduced both online and offline voting systems. People outside of Korea can cast their votes online until October 15th through the official website of the Seoul Design Award 2023. This approach reflects the changing social trends and allows for a wider participation in the contest.

Design projects from various countries, such as Italy, Thailand, Mexico, Uganda, and Tunisia, have been selected as candidates for the Grand Prize. The jury focused on projects that not only provide innovative solutions but also promote collaboration and public value. The panel sought designs that foster harmonious relationships between people, society, and the environment.

The Grand Prize winner, to be announced on October 25th, will receive a cash prize of KRW 50 million. Additionally, three teams will be awarded the Best of the Best Prize, with each team receiving KRW 15 million. The award categories have been expanded to include special awards like the Digital Award and Research Award. Furthermore, the Citizens’ Prize, which is voted by the public, will be divided into Korea and overseas categories. The two teams that receive the most votes in each region will be awarded the Citizens’ Prize, with a prize of KRW 5 million each.

In line with its commitment to sustainability, the Seoul Design Awards has incorporated eco-friendly and upcycled materials in the installations and event souvenirs of the exhibition. The citizens’ vote will also be conducted in an environmentally conscious manner. In Seoul, the works eligible for voting will be exhibited at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)’s D-Forest lobby, where visitors can cast their votes on-site. For overseas participants, voting can be done through the Seoul Design Awards website.

By involving the public in the voting process, the Seoul Design Award 2023 aims to highlight the importance of design in shaping a better society. The innovative and sustainable projects presented in this competition are a testament to the power of design in addressing everyday challenges.

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