Skylab’s A-Frame Club: A Cluster of Mid-Century-Inspired Cabins in Colorado

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A new boutique hotel brand inspired by 1970s American ski culture has arrived in Winter Park, Colorado. The A-Frame Club, designed by the Portland-based architecture firm Skylab, pays homage to the iconic timber A-frame cabins of the era while incorporating modern touches. Nestled on a two-acre wooded site, the hotel features 31 newly-constructed prefabricated cabins, a bar, and a restaurant housed within a historic saloon building.

The A-Frame Club cabins, each measuring 450 square feet, have been meticulously designed by Skylab architects to create a cozy and inviting space. The layout includes a main floor living room, entry, bathroom, kitchenette, and a lofted bedroom. Custom Malm fireplaces and vintage furniture pieces add to the rustic charm, while warm-toned cedar panels and custom millwork create a seamless connection with the natural surroundings. The cabins also boast tall glass windows that provide breathtaking views of the rocky mountain landscape and fill the interiors with abundant natural light.

What sets the A-Frame Club cabins apart is their adaptability. The lofted bedroom, accessed by a ship’s ladder, and fold-out living room couches allow guests to customize their living spaces according to their preferences. Additionally, individual keypads for self-check-in and automated controls for heating, cooling, and lighting provide convenience and comfort.

At the heart of the A-Frame Club is ‘The Lodge,’ a 9,190-square-foot central gathering venue that fosters a sense of community. The Lodge offers a variety of food and beverages for guests to enjoy on-the-go or in the inviting outdoor spaces, complete with a pergola and fire pits. Designed to accommodate various activities, The Lodge features different zones for drinking, dining, gathering, and working. Infused with a tongue-in-cheek novelty and a mid-century vibe, it strikes a perfect balance between classic and contemporary, creating a space that feels familiar yet fresh.

The A-Frame Club in Winter Park, Colorado captures the essence of 1970s American ski culture, while offering a modern and tranquil escape for visitors looking to immerse themselves in nature after a day of skiing or mountain biking. With its thoughtfully designed cabins and inviting communal spaces, this boutique hotel brand is sure to attract both locals and tourists alike.

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