Sophia the Robot Receives and Interacts with Guests at BOSS Techtopia FW23 Show in Milan

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Sophia the Robot made a stylish appearance at the BOSS FW23 show in Milan, where she took on the role of the receptionist. The fashion and technology worlds collided as Sophia welcomed models to BOSS’s curated Techtopia, a futuristic workspace that combines humans and technology.

Developed by Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong, Sophia represents the advancements being made in the robotics industry and how they can be integrated into other fields such as fashion. With her ability to recognize faces, hand gestures, and even interpret human emotions, Sophia interacted with guests at the entrance of the fashion show.

But Sophia’s involvement didn’t stop there. As the show began, cameras captured her sitting at a desk in the front row, watching the models strut down the runway. This offered viewers a glimpse into the utopian-dystopian world of BOSS, where humans experiment with robotics in a corporate environment that incorporates elements of nature.

Guests were guided through tunnels filled with life-sized holograms speaking different languages, ultimately leading them to a lobby filled with screens. From there, they entered the impressive runway space, which featured a combination of traditional office elements and futuristic technology. Within this loop, attendees had access to six themed rooms all managed from the BOSS Techtopia Control Room.

One of these rooms, the HarmoniTech Space, provided a tranquil setting for yoga enthusiasts to practice amidst the fast-paced corporate world. The Brainstorm Room featured employees wearing special headphones for light therapy while collaborating on ideas. Additionally, there were two calming meeting spaces adorned with plants and an AromaSynth Lab where visitors could explore different scents, including BOSS Bottled Eau de Toilette and BOSS Bottled Elixir from BOSS Fragrances.

The BOSS FW23 Techtopia show explored the concept of ‘CorpCore,’ a transformed approach to work that embraces technology, robotics, and ergonomic design. Sophia the Robot’s presence at the event highlighted the potential for collaboration between fashion and technology, while showcasing her ability to seamlessly interact with humans and adapt to the futuristic environment.

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