Split-Level Platforms Construct Archidivision’s Dance Floor House in Tokyo

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Archidivision’s Dance Floor project in Tokyo is a unique residential design that showcases split-level platforms. Despite its lower market value, this property stands out with its charming location surrounded by a lush garden. The placement of the structure allows residents to catch glimpses of neighboring trees through its steeply pitched roof and the adjacent house.

The design team paid careful attention to the materials and finishes, resulting in a playful blend of elements that redefine the split-level style. The interior is transformed into a canvas for living through a layering of objects and spaces, creating an open-plan and continuous scheme that provides an inviting and comfortable environment.

Upon entering the house, visitors are greeted by a discreet entrance that leads to a spacious porch. The ground floor immerses them in a softly lit ambiance, with light filtering through the louvered floor of the staircase landing. As they ascend to the upper level, a breathtaking cityscape comes into view, reconnecting the residents to the urban environment.

The architectural elements on the interior side of the facade are deliberately exposed, reminiscent of a theater backstage. This design choice gives the space a distinctive character and establishes a balanced relationship between the house and the city outside, while still maintaining privacy.

The design team meticulously considered architectural decisions regarding shielding, opening, closing, transparency, and reflection. This attention to detail is evident in the exposed pillars and beams, fixtures, furniture, staircases, landings, and light ceilings, each crafted with their own unique materials and finishes.

Archidivision’s Dance Floor project seamlessly blends function and aesthetics, creating a residential space that transcends traditional design norms. With its innovative use of split-level platforms and careful consideration of materials, this Tokyo house offers a one-of-a-kind living experience for its residents.

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