SpY suspends kinetic installation in Bern hospital atrium for artistic healing

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Spanish artist SpY and design consultancy Studio Banana have collaborated on a new art installation called Loops, which aims to explore the healing power of art within a hospital environment. The installation is located in the atrium of the recently inaugurated Anna-Seiler-Haus building at Bern’s University Hospital Inselpita in Switzerland.

Loops consists of 24 aluminum rings of varying diameters, each featuring an LED glowing surface on the inner rim. The rings are suspended by cables and controlled by motorized winches, allowing them to move both horizontally and vertically. This creates a synchronized dance of shapes and lights that gives the impression of three-dimensional movement in space.

The project was developed through a co-design process with the Inselspital staff, along with other collaborators including GWJ, IAAG, ASTOC, Archipel General Planer, MKT Engineering, and SpY. The goal was to create an installation that would enchant and create a meditative atmosphere for visitors, patients, and employees.

The production of Loops took two years and involved the development of bespoke equipment by world-leading engineers. With dimensions reaching up to 21 meters in height, 6 meters in width, and 8 meters in length, the installation contrasts the orthogonal structure of the architecture with its smooth, curved rings. This allows for diverse viewpoints and perspectives from the five floors of the atrium.

The design of Loops is rooted in the belief that art can heal, and the movements of the installation aim to stimulate both the eye and the mind of the viewer. By creating a captivating and soothing atmosphere, the installation challenges the traditional concept of hospitals and reimagines them as more humane environments.

Loops serves as a prime example of how site-specific installations can have a profound impact on the physical and emotional wellbeing of patients. The installation provides a dynamic eye-catching element for meditative breaks, while respecting the functional and physical requirements of the hospital.

With its minimal design and endless palette of evocative shapes inspired by nature, Loops presents a new paradigm for art and architecture collaborations in healthcare settings. It enhances the hospital environment and offers a unique and therapeutic experience for all who interact with it.

Photographs of the installation can be seen here.

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