Stillmade Debuts the Collaborative Series With Artists + Designers

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Stillmade, a prominent American furniture manufacturer and designer based in Brooklyn, has launched its Collaborative Series, showcasing its commitment to providing small, emerging designers with production opportunities typically reserved for larger brands and manufacturers.

The inaugural edition of the Collaborative Series features furniture created in collaboration with Danny Kaplan, Pat Kim, Michele Quan, and Stillmade’s founder and creative director, Paul Mignogna. The collection includes a sofa, credenza, hutch, side table, and two coffee tables that combine the unique aesthetics of each collaborator with Stillmade’s design and manufacturing capabilities. These collections epitomize the brand’s emphasis on artisan craftsmanship and modern yet understated design.

Renowned industrial designer and artist Pat Kim introduces a playful and sculptural approach to Stillmade’s design process. The coffee table and side table in this collection incorporate organic-shaped bases finished in hand-troweled lime-based plaster. The circular table tops are supported by sculpted wood arms, infusing a touch of natural warmth.

Ceramicist Michele Quan presents her first foray into furniture design with this series. Her signature celestial ceramic half-moon sculptures are reimagined as functional cabinet pulls on two large-scale cabinets, adding an artistic touch to these practical pieces.

Inspired by Roger Capron’s ceramic inlay tables, Danny Kaplan designed a coffee table that features a set of tiles placed on Stillmade’s sleek wooden table base. These tiles, with their organic geometry and texture, create an intriguing contrast with the table’s clean lines and angles, resulting in a visually striking piece.

Paul Mignogna’s own design practice, Mignogna Studio, offers the Clifton Sofa as part of the Collaborative Series. This sofa prioritizes comfort and lounging, while showcasing Stillmade’s manufacturing expertise through its exposed wooden frame and joinery, which adds a touch of sophistication to the minimal design.

For more information on Stillmade’s Collaborative Series, visit their website at This series not only highlights the brand’s dedication to supporting emerging designers but also showcases the innovative and artistic collaborations that redefine modern furniture design.

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