Streams of natural light pour down on a threshold’s green-terraced residence in Bangalore.

You are currently viewing Streams of natural light pour down on a threshold’s green-terraced residence in Bangalore.

The Ineffable Light House, located in Bangalore, India, is a stunning residence designed by local architecture firm A Threshold. Situated in a tight urban context, the house overcomes its limitations by incorporating natural light, ventilation, and accessible green spaces throughout its design.

Inspired by the quality of light found in traditional Indian temples, the Ineffable Light House utilizes light in a unique and intentional way. The intensity of darkness increases as you move from the outside to the inside, creating a sense of transition and a meditative atmosphere. A strategically placed skylight brings in streams of natural illumination, reminiscent of the sanctum sanctorum in a temple.

One of the primary design elements of the Ineffable Light House is the existing Gulmohar Tree, which acts as an axis to divide the house into public and private zones. The north side of the house is more open, allowing for everyday activities such as studying and family living. The south side, on the other hand, is designated for spaces like toilets and bedroom wardrobes, which are typically used less frequently throughout the day.

The house is designed to foster a strong connection with nature. The green terraces cascade southward, harmonizing with the foliage of the Gulmohar tree and seamlessly blending nature with the built form. Multiple spaces in the house, including the dining area, kitchen, living room, and gathering spaces, provide framed glimpses of the tree, bringing nature indoors.

The design of the Ineffable Light House also allows for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. The green terraces are extended internally, becoming an integral part of the living and bedroom spaces. Interconnected green courtyards, overlapping sections, and levels create visual connectivity throughout the house.

Finally, the central axis of the house serves as a focal point, unifying the entire home and establishing a connection with nature. This central space acts as a binding element, seamlessly weaving together various activities and allowing them to function autonomously yet harmoniously as a whole.

In conclusion, the Ineffable Light House in Bangalore, India, is a remarkable example of architecture that prioritizes natural light, ventilation, and green spaces. The design successfully overcomes the limitations of the plot, creating a residence that is harmonious, meditative, and deeply connected to nature.

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