Studio Lentala designs playful children’s chairs to “enable active sitting”

You are currently viewing Studio Lentala designs playful children’s chairs to “enable active sitting”

Amsterdam-based Studio Lentala has created a new range of chairs called Rom & Lupa, aimed at improving the physical and mental health of children. The chairs were designed to provide active sitting solutions, as passive sitting has been found to have a negative impact on the health of children. Research conducted by the studio revealed that chairs shape our daily movement patterns and limit our bodies to few sitting postures, which can lead to poor physical fitness, health issues, and low self-esteem. Studio Lentala founder, Boris Lancelot, explained that in non-Western cultures, people exercise a wider range of sitting postures, which is vital for their social and physical development. Inspired by this, Lancelot worked with movement scientists to create Rom & Lupa chairs that enable active sitting. The chairs encourage children to alternate between a range of eight sitting positions, providing them with freedom of movement. Made from FSC-certified birch and topped with natural woolen felt, the chairs are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and are produced using natural and renewable materials.

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