SULA: Una cabina prefabbricata a telaio A nelle Isole Galapagos

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SULA: A Prefabricated A-Frame Cabin Defying Convention in the Galapagos Islands

In the heart of the Galapagos Islands, a remarkable architectural marvel stands tall. SULA, a prefabricated A-frame cabin designed by Diana Salvador, not only defies convention but also showcases human ingenuity and environmental consciousness. Constructed using a blend of wood, stone, metal, glass, and PVC, SULA is more than just a house – it is a symbol of innovation and environmental responsibility.

The journey of SULA began with a two-month design build in Quito, Ecuador, resulting in approximately 2,000 custom-made components held together by over 17,000 screws and pins. These meticulously crafted elements faced a daunting voyage across the sea to Santa Cruz Island, bundled into two containers. Upon arrival, a team of four plant technicians and six floating employees meticulously assembled the cabin over a span of four weeks.

SULA was custom designed for Catalina and her family, long-time residents of the Galapagos Islands. The key focus of the design was to create a harmonious living space that would respect both its inhabitants and the environment.

One of the standout features of SULA is its scalability, transportation flexibility, and adaptability to different environments. This prefabricated cabin can be disassembled and relocated, showcasing an architectural puzzle-like quality. The use of gabions as foundations minimizes the need for concrete and ensures minimal impact on the ground and soil during installation or removal.

The integration of five key materials – wood, stone, metal, glass, and PVC – is a testament to the environmentally balanced design of SULA. Each material was thoughtfully chosen for its efficiency and flexibility. Plywood plays a pivotal role in the structure, interior walls, and furniture, while PVC sheets act as waterproof covers.

Inside, the cabin feels spacious and inviting, thanks to windows on either end and narrow windows on the sides that bounce natural light throughout the double-height space. A unique black metal ladder staircase can be pressed against the window to open up the floor space or slid into the middle of the room to provide access to the second floor.

The interior layout features a simple kitchen that separates the open living room from the bedroom, providing extra privacy. Upstairs, a loft offers additional space that can be used as another bedroom, office, or yoga studio.

SULA is more than just a cool modern cabin; it represents a high-quality, sustainable infrastructure that leaves a minimal environmental footprint. Its innovative design and adaptability make it a true embodiment of architectural prowess and environmental responsibility.

Photography by Jag Studio.

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