Ten Colorful Bedrooms That Bring Brightness to the Interior

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Bright and bold colors take center stage in this lookbook of ten stunning bedrooms. From hot pink to mint green to canary yellow, these bedrooms showcase the power of color in interior design.

First on the list is a Tokyo hotel room designed by Klein Dytham Architecture. With its bright pink walls and matching furniture, this room aims to uplift and energize guests. A wooden staircase leads to a raised bed, adding an element of playfulness to the space.

Next up is a bedroom in a London home renovated by 2LG Studio. The studio added color to every room in the house, including a serene pastel blue in the primary bedroom. The walls and built-in cabinetry showcase this soothing hue, while a cushioned vaulted headboard adds a touch of luxury.

In a Parisian apartment transformed by Sophie Dries, a bright yellow children’s room steals the show. Wooden furniture and colorful artwork adorn the space, creating a vibrant and playful atmosphere.

Moving to Australia, the Balmoral Blue House features a bedroom designed by Esoteriko. In contrast to the light and natural colors used throughout the rest of the home, the bedroom is enveloped in shades of blue. A deep blue storage unit and geometric shapes on the walls add visual interest.

The bedrooms of Hushh House, designed by Elliott Architects in the UK, embrace deep shades of forest green. With leafy wallpaper, green ceilings, and textured cabinetry, these bedrooms create a sense of calm and relaxation.

Studio MK27’s Flat 12 in Brazil showcases a children’s bedroom with pink-painted recessed cutouts in the walls. The white walls and dusky pink alcoves create a cozy and contemporary space.

Inside the former BBC Television Centre, Bella Freud and Maria Speake designed a primary bedroom with deep cherry red tones. A plush red carpet and brassy bedframe create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.

In the Longhouse, a home designed by Partners Hill in Australia, a double bed takes center stage in a bedroom with matching pale blue walls. Australian cypress covers the floors and walls, adding warmth and continuity.

Anna and Eugeni Bach designed a Barcelona home with a touch of playfulness. The bedroom features bright yellow double doors that lead to a vibrant yellow balcony, adding a modern and whimsical element to the space.

Belgian design studio Atelier Dialect brings a glossy pale mint hue to an apartment in Antwerp. The open play layout includes a mint-green walk-in shower and a mirrored steel bathtub, creating a serene and sleek environment.

In this lookbook of colorful bedrooms, each space showcases the power of bold and bright colors in interior design. From Tokyo to Paris to London, these bedrooms prove that color can transform a space and create a truly unique and inspiring environment.

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