Ten landscape architecture projects by students at Clemson University

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Clemson University’s School of Architecture showcases its students’ innovative designs in the latest school show featured on Dezeen. The exhibition includes a range of projects that highlight the students’ creativity and expertise in landscape architecture.

One of the standout projects is the Grand Canal Eco-Resort and Destination in Yangzhou, China. The design focuses on preserving the historic Grand Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The project aims to promote sustainable tourism and conservation of the canal’s native ecosystems, offering activities such as camping, hiking, and kayaking.

Another notable design is the Halsey Creek: Reef Restoration and Levee Trail in Charleston, South Carolina. With rising sea levels and increased threats of flooding, this project aims to implement a three-step water management plan to protect the city. It focuses on stormwater management, marsh preservation, and stabilizing the shoreline.

The Poe Mill Village Green, located on the site of a former cotton mill in South Carolina, is a vibrant community gathering space. It features lush vegetation, open lawns, and educational opportunities about native flora. The park pays tribute to the rich history of the mill village and provides a recreational area for residents.

Addressing the urgent issue of climate change, the Coastal Urban Flood project proposes a flood mitigation plan for a coastal town in South Carolina. The design aims to protect vulnerable communities while restoring wildlife habitat and addressing environmental injustices caused by flooding.

Other projects in the exhibition include the Lake Issaqueena Ecological Park, the Yangzhou New Medical District, the Energy Innovation Park CU-ICAR, the Equal Play project, Learning in the Landscape, and the Naama Bay Nature Museum in Egypt.

The showcased designs demonstrate the students’ commitment to sustainable and resilient design solutions. With a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, these future landscape architects are well-prepared to make a positive impact in their field.

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