The Hong Kong Design Institute showcases eight design projects.

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Dezeen Presents: Hong Kong Design Institute Showcases Innovative Student Designs

Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) is making a mark in the creative industry with its latest school show, featuring diverse and thought-provoking designs by its talented students. From costume design inspired by video games and children’s books to installations exploring pollution and culture, the show offers a glimpse into the innovative minds of HKDI’s students.

One standout piece titled “Plants Invade Humans” by Brianna Wing Yi Lau presents a speculative future where pollution has made Earth uninhabitable for creatures. Plants, the earliest beings on Earth, fight back by invading the human body, leading to an evolution that brings peace and coexistence with other species.

In collaboration with international jewellery brand Swarovski, Oi Lam Fan, Chun Chung Law, and Ming Him To showcase their project, “A Collaborative Graduation Project with Swarovski.” This project features a series of fashion images, a film, and a social media strategy that transports audiences to a mesmerizing world where the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland intertwines with futuristic elements.

“The Beauty of Monster” by Lai Ying Wong and Man Ling Cheung satirizes society’s obsession with cosmetic surgery and beauty standards. The design combines bandages to represent surgery and a leather bodysuit to imitate human skin, with exaggerated proportions expressing a sense of discordance and critique of unrealistic beauty standards.

Another notable piece is “Polymer Invasion” by Man Ling Lau, which showcases a fantasy future environment where trees are extinct, and the last complete tree is wrapped in plastic bottles. This thought-provoking installation reflects on our current plastic pollution crisis and urges viewers to consider the consequences of our actions.

Tsz Ching Leung’s project, “Ad Tuesday,” delves into the emotional expression and perception of advertising slogans and copywriting in Hong Kong. This exhibition reflects on the profound impact that advertising has on cultural, economic, and brand communication development.

Sum Yi Li’s “MetaDI” is an innovative digital game experience that allows the public to explore the HKDI campus virtually. Players can learn more about design knowledge while immersing themselves in a virtual campus split into past and future themes.

“Mahrlika” by John Marcus Banday Mase draws inspiration from Filipino culture, womanhood, and painting. This fashion collection aims to make women feel royal and powerful by addressing gender-based flaws in the oppressive system while promoting equality.

Finally, “Queen but not Queen” by Yeung Ah Sin takes inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and the immersive world of video games. The work began as a children’s book but contemplates how modern digital generations would engage with the story, suggesting the potential for online gaming and interactive experiences.

The HKDI school show demonstrates the institution’s commitment to nurturing design talents and preparing students for the demands of the 21st-century workplace. With its wide range of design programs and collaborations, HKDI continues to be a leading institution in Hong Kong’s creative industry.

About HKDI:
HKDI is a member institution under the VTC Group and one of the most influential design institutions in Hong Kong. With a focus on high-quality education and cultivating knowledge and professionalism, HKDI offers over 20 full-time design programs across various disciplines, including fashion, architecture, communication design, and more.

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