The Limited-Edition Turntable Spins Pink Floyd’s Classic: The Dark Side of the Moon

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Pro-Ject Audio Systems Pays Tribute to Pink Floyd’s Iconic Album with The Dark Side of the Moon Turntable

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s groundbreaking album, The Dark Side of the Moon, renowned audio equipment manufacturer Pro-Ject Audio Systems has unveiled a special limited-edition turntable. This meticulously crafted piece of art aims to capture the essence of Pink Floyd’s iconic album while appealing to vinyl enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

The Dark Side of the Moon is widely regarded as a turning point in the history of music, achieving unprecedented global success upon its release. Not only is the album known for its revolutionary, boundary-pushing music, but it also gained notoriety for its distinctive cover art featuring a prism splitting white light into a beautiful spectrum of colors.

Pro-Ject’s limited-edition turntable, a part of their Artist Series collection, seamlessly captures the essence of the album’s cover art. What sets this turntable apart is its ability to recreate the iconic prism image with a simple switch. As records spin on the platter, an LED-backlit rainbow illuminates, paying homage to the album’s mesmerizing cover art.

Craftsmanship lies at the heart of this Pro-Ject Audio Systems turntable. The plinth, the base of the turntable, is meticulously crafted from MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), a dense and sturdy material known for its excellent resonance-absorbent properties. The heavy aluminum sub-platter features a stainless steel axle rotating within a bronze bushing, driven by an AC motor and a silicon drive belt, ensuring smooth and precise playback.

Intricate design details pay homage to Storm Thorgerson’s original album sleeve and George Hardie’s prism image. The turntable’s triangular case and extended on/off lever echo elements from the original illustration, immersing the user in the timeless visual aesthetic of The Dark Side of the Moon.

For added convenience and versatility, the turntable allows users to play records at both 33 and 45 rpm while maintaining exceptional stability due to its substantial 6kg weight.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems’ The Dark Side of the Moon Turntable is a truly remarkable tribute to one of the greatest albums of all time. With its exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail, and ability to seamlessly recreate the album’s visual artistry, this limited-edition turntable is a must-have for Pink Floyd fans and vinyl enthusiasts looking to celebrate the enduring legacy of The Dark Side of the Moon.

The Dark Side of the Moon Turntable by Pro-Ject Audio Systems is priced at $1,999 and is available in limited quantities. To get your hands on this extraordinary piece of audio equipment, visit the official Pro-Ject Audio Systems website or authorized retailers. Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of music history and experience the magic of The Dark Side of the Moon like never before.

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