The Physiology of Taras Yoom’s Quirky Dif Lamp

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Bangkok designer Taras Yoom, known by his birth name Taras Zheltyshev, has drawn inspiration from his medical background for his latest creation, the Dif Lamp. With its unique purple tubes and light pink orbs, the floor lamp is reminiscent of the vascular system and blood cells. Yoom’s career, which includes working in a laboratory and an architectural firm, has led him to explore the intersection of visible reality and hidden organic processes. This fascination with human physiology has culminated in his creation of the Yoomoota art universe.

The Dif Luminaire, a centerpiece of the Yoomoota universe, is described as being composed of terrestrial cells sent to Earth by the hero Thymus to safeguard against infectious agents. The light pink cells, stored in Thymus’s backpack in the form of living and non-living objects, act as a deterrent to enemies. In the world of Orginion, similar luminaires serve as protective charms, activated when infections strike cities during the night. Yoom explains that the Dif Lamp not only offers physical protection to its inhabitants but also acts as a guiding light, enabling individuals to defend against irrational fears.

Yoomoota is not just limited to the Dif Lamp; it encompasses an entire universe that reflects our inner worlds. This parallel world consists of its own planets and inhabitants, serving as a projection of our bodies and minds. Yoom tells this story through various mediums, including sculptures, collectible design, paintings, mixed media pieces, storybooks, and NFTs.

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