The Scenic Solitude of Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll

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Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll, a new property in Iceland, offers adventurous travelers a luxurious and serene experience in the remote central highlands. Situated at the foot of the Kerlingarfjöll mountain range, the hotel provides access to a network of trails that can be explored by foot, mountain bike, skis, snowshoes, or snowmobile. The journey to the hotel is challenging, with a minimum 3-hour car ride from Reykjavík in ideal conditions, and in winter, a 4×4 super Jeep driven by a professional is required to navigate the snowy and ice-covered terrain.

Designed to have minimal impact on the landscape, the hotel consists of the year-round operating Highlands Base hotel with 26 rooms and 2 suites, 6 stand-alone lodges, A-frame Hostel Huts, and riverside campsites for summer tent camping. Sustainability was a priority in the development of Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll, with an emphasis on natural materials such as stone and wood.

The rooms at the hotel range from 237 to 474 square feet and offer picturesque views of the surrounding landscape. The 80-seat Highland Base Restaurant and Lounge serves vegan options, local seafood, and traditional Icelandic dishes, including the popular Kjötsúpa soup made with lamb, rutabaga, and potatoes. In the afternoons, the restaurant offers a waffle buffet with Icelandic vöfflur, strawberry jam, whipped cream, syrup, coffee, and hot cocoa.

Similar to The Bolder Lodges in Norway, Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll aims to create an off-grid bliss for guests, combining architectural accommodation with adventure-focused itineraries. The hotel provides an escape from the popularly accessible Blue Lagoon and offers a best-kept secret experience.

Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll starts at $430 per night for a Deluxe room. Guests can enjoy the stunning view of Iceland’s third-largest glacier, Hofsjökull, from their own balcony hot tub, as well as explore the smoldering Hveradalir mountain range. With its cozy and minimalist design language, Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll blends harmoniously with the natural surroundings. Bookings can be made through the hotel’s website.

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