This Moody Yet Charming Lounge Is Actually an Office for DICE

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DICE’s headquarters in London have undergone a stunning transformation, thanks to design studio Sella Concept. The ticketing and live event discovery platform enlisted the studio to create a hybrid workspace and hospitality venue across its four floors, resulting in a moody yet welcoming lounge that caters to both work and play.

Located in an old Victorian building, the DICE headquarters were developed by The Benyon Estate, architects Henley Halebrown, and Sullivan Brothers Construction. Sella Concept, which had previously designed the neighboring De Beauvoir Block, was familiar with the space and was chosen to create a similar atmosphere for DICE. Phil Hutcheon, CEO of DICE, wanted an office that invoked creativity and beauty, much like The Block cafe. The Creative Director and Founder of Sella Concept, Tatjana von Stein, was connected with Hutcheon to bring his vision to life.

The ground floor of the headquarters features an open floor plan, resembling a club layout, where employees and visitors can socialize in a lounge-like setting. Integrated seating creates an inviting environment, and the space can be divided into zones for smaller groups and individuals. The highlight of the area is a dramatic curved metal wall that serves as a kitchen, bar, and DJ booth. This space is used for DICE’s monthly global talks/meetings and hosting events.

Moving up to the first and second floors, workspaces and meeting rooms are located. The conference room boasts stadium-style seating to encourage collaboration and creativity.

The top floor is dedicated to a quiet zone for research and reading. A U-shaped resource room filled with books and vinyl offers library-style seating, complete with individual curved pocket seats that provide a slower and more focused place to work. Custom furniture, such as the integrated desk and three-sided sofa, stand out in this room.

The design throughout the headquarters showcases a rich and evocative use of materials, colors, and textures, which create a sophisticated yet homely atmosphere. Stainless steel is seamlessly mixed with walnut wood and bronze hardware. The tonal mix of terracotta, caramel, and olive hues brings a grounding effect to the spaces. To pay homage to the location, bespoke furniture made by local craftspeople was chosen, while vintage items were sourced mainly from the UK to add a unique touch.

The transformation of DICE’s headquarters by Sella Concept has resulted in a stunning and functional workspace that perfectly balances work and play. With its inviting lounge area, innovative workspaces, and dedicated quiet zone, the headquarters provide an inspiring environment for creative minds. The use of high-quality materials and bespoke furniture adds a touch of elegance and personality to the space.

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