This week, Neom revealed a stunning crystalline skyscraper.

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Zaha Hadid Architects has unveiled renders of a supertall skyscraper and a viewpoint designed for the Trojena ski resort in Saudi Arabia. The Discovery Tower, a 330-metre-high skyscraper, will be located on top of a mountain overlooking the resort’s central lake. The resort is being developed in northwest Saudi Arabia as part of the Neom project. In addition to the skyscraper, Zaha Hadid Architects has also designed a sinuous mountaintop viewpoint for the resort. The architects aim to create a unique and visually stunning experience for visitors. This latest project adds to the growing portfolio of Zaha Hadid Architects and demonstrates their expertise in designing innovative and iconic structures.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the prime minister, Rishi Sunak, has entered the 15-minute-city debate by announcing plans to ban councils from implementing the concept. The 15-minute city concept promotes the idea of creating neighbourhoods where residents can access most of their daily needs within a 15-minute walk or bike ride. The ban on implementing the concept is part of the government’s wider aim to prioritize car travel and discourage “anti-car measures”. Urbanist Carlos Moreno, the creator of the 15-minute city concept, has criticized the ban, describing it as “baffling” and calling on the prime minister to reconsider his stance.

In other architecture news, the highly anticipated MSG Sphere Las Vegas has opened its doors, showcasing its impressive visuals and design. The spherical structure features a 15,000-square-metre wrap-around screen that displayed visuals created by Es Devlin and John Gerrard during a concert by U2. The MSG Sphere Las Vegas is the largest spherical structure in the world and is set to become a major attraction in the city.

This week also marked the successful return of the London Design Festival, which was hailed as a significant revival of the UK’s biggest design festival post-Covid. The event featured a range of exciting exhibitions and installations, showcasing the creativity and innovation of the design industry. Max Fraser, Dezeen’s editorial director, commented on the energetic and optimistic atmosphere of this year’s festival.

In the world of job opportunities, design studio Toogood’s creative director, Jan Rose, highlighted the importance of finding individuals with hands-on skills in the current digital-focused design industry. The studio is actively seeking candidates who can work on practical tasks and believes that this is a necessary skill set in the evolving design world.

Among the popular projects featured this week were a blocky extension added to a Berlin bungalow, a subterranean holiday home near Tehran designed to critique overdevelopment in Iran, and Stanton Williams’s UCL East building in London. These projects showcase the diversity and creativity within the global architecture and design landscape.

In our latest lookbooks, we featured airy and pared-back loft conversions and kitchen islands with sleek waterfall edges. These design inspirations provide homeowners and designers with ideas to create modern and stylish living spaces.

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