This week we unveiled Shrek’s Swamp in the Scottish Highlands.

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Airbnb has introduced its latest themed holiday home, Shrek’s Swamp, which is a grass-and-mud-covered hut situated beneath a tree and hosted by Donkey from the Shrek movie series. This unique accommodation option is described as a “secluded haven fit for a solitude-seeking ogre” and is available for rental while Shrek is away for Halloween.

In architecture news, Shigeru Ban, the recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, has designed a prototype house that will be constructed in Morocco following a destructive earthquake that occurred earlier this month. The house, based on Ban’s Paper Log House model, features columns made from cardboard tubes and walls and a roof composed of prefabricated wooden panels.

Lego, the Danish toymaker, has abandoned its plans to utilize recycled plastic bottles as an alternative to virgin plastic in the production of its bricks. The company made this decision after a pilot program revealed that using recycled materials on a large scale would actually increase its carbon footprint due to the necessary manufacturing process and equipment.

A mass-timber McDonald’s restaurant in São Paulo has been unveiled this week. Designed by local architecture firm Superlimão Studio, the building is supported by a tree-like timber structure. This project is part of the fast food chain’s “Recipe for the Future” initiative.

Meanwhile, the largest and tallest mass-timber structure in Mexico has been completed. The 940-square-meter office building was designed by Dellekamp Schleich as a way to showcase innovative construction methods and is located in Mexico City.

In an effort to encourage the adoption of mass-timber construction in New York City, the New York City Economic Development Corporation has launched an assistance program. This initiative aims to promote the use of sustainable and eco-friendly building materials in the city’s construction projects.

In other architecture news, Studio Libeskind has unveiled a housing block in New York City that features sculptural facades and contains 44 apartments for low-income senior citizens. Additionally, Christ & Gantenbein has created a 124-meter-long block in Paris, clad in steel, which houses 104 apartments.

Some popular projects featured this week include an extension in Australia covered in pale pink breeze blocks, an underground house in the Netherlands, and a cliffside hotel on Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

Finally, our latest lookbooks showcase living rooms adorned with decorative and striking art pieces, as well as vibrant and colorful bedrooms.

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