Two Concrete Planes Cantilever Above the Living Zones of Hara House in Bilbao.

You are currently viewing Two Concrete Planes Cantilever Above the Living Zones of Hara House in Bilbao.

VERNE Arquitectura has completed the construction of The Hara House, a stunning residential project located near the coast of Vizcaya, just outside Bilbao. The house is situated on a challenging sloped terrain and is designed to seamlessly blend with the surrounding natural environment.

The building is characterized by two prominent concrete planes that extend gracefully with bold cantilevers at their ends. These planes adapt to the undulating landscape, creating a unified response to the natural conditions. The first plane houses the entrance, garage, gym, and ancillary spaces, while the second plane serves as the roof and accommodates the core living areas such as the bedrooms, kitchen, and living-dining zone.

On the north side, the concrete planes break at their ends to form two blind parapets, providing privacy to the interior spaces and creating a fortified and introverted facade. The parapets also create a sweeping continuous terrace on the upper level. On the south facade, the architectural configuration becomes lighter and more private. The concrete roof extends into a generous cantilever over the garden, creating a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors.

The layout of Hara House focuses on interconnecting all living zones. The kitchen and dining-living areas are centrally positioned along the north-south axis, creating visual and spatial links between the north terrace and the south porch. The master bedroom, located in the east wing, intelligently connects the bedroom to the dressing room and the central bathroom.

The material palette of the house harmoniously combines the built form with the natural surroundings. Concrete is complemented by wooden textures, particularly on the cantilevered surfaces, garage door, and entrance. Chestnut wood cladding adorns parts of the facade, while white lime mortar discreetly covers the remaining exterior. Inside, light beige clay plaster coats the vertical surfaces, oak wood covers the floors and sliding doors, and gray limestone adorns the central fireplace feature. The furniture selection blends seamlessly with the architectural space, featuring noble woods, soft creams, and stone-like textures. Suspended pendant lamps and fixtures add a touch of sophistication in dark hues.

VERNE Arquitectura’s Hara House is a stunning example of contemporary residential design seamlessly blending with its natural surroundings. Its unique architecture and attention to detail create a harmonious and inviting living space.

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