Two intersecting saddle roofs shield DMAA’s house f in Slovenia.

You are currently viewing Two intersecting saddle roofs shield DMAA’s house f in Slovenia.

DMAA (Delugan Meissl Associated Architects) has unveiled House F, a stunning residence that seamlessly blends into the picturesque landscape of Slovenia. The architectural configuration of the house features open angles and two intersecting saddle roofs, capturing the essence of the site.

From the outside, House F presents a solid facade to the street, but once inside, the space opens up with generously glazed areas in the central living and dining areas. These expansive windows provide breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty. To further enhance the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, House F extends into a multi-level terrace, featuring a partially sheltered front section.

The design team paid careful attention to creating visual connections between rooms and the surrounding nature. Each room offers a variety of views, both towards the exterior landscape and towards the interior of the house. The intersection of the roof and the overall room height adds a tangible dimension to the space.

In terms of materials, a subtle palette was chosen to allow the house’s unique geometry to shine. White walls and polished screed floors provide a clean canvas for the architectural design to take center stage.

The exterior of House F is enveloped in a wooden lamella facade, which extends over the saddle roof. The depth of the lamellae creates a sculptural effect, giving the facade a dynamic appearance that changes when viewed from different angles.

House F perfectly integrates into the gentle hilly landscape of Slovenia, complementing the existing ensemble. Its open x-plan configuration and unique architectural elements make it a truly remarkable residence.

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