Undercover’s Jun Takahashi presents luminous terrariums at Paris Fashion Week

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Undercover’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, titled ‘Deep Mist’, made a stunning impact at Paris Fashion Week with its hauntingly beautiful showcase. Japanese fashion designer Jun Takahashi mesmerized the audience with a surreal ambiance created inside a car park. The runway was adorned with tulle-wrapped chandeliers scattered on the floor, giving the impression that they had fallen from the ceiling. This dream-like backdrop added a mysterious touch to the collection.

As the models gracefully walked down the runway, operatic music filled the air. Takahashi presented a mix of flowy monochrome ensembles and eye-catching neon-yellow sweaters, followed by vibrant suits and coats featuring oversized prints. Notably, some of the garments even echoed the black tulle that encapsulated the chandeliers. The final moments of the show brought a mesmerizing surprise with three glowing dresses. These ethereal gowns were accompanied by terrariums filled with roses and butterflies, adding an enchanting touch to the collection.

Takahashi’s attention to detail was truly remarkable. Although most of the Undercover SS24 show took place under clear lighting, the last portion of the show was cleverly set in a dimmed atmosphere. The designer used rows of chandeliers to create a softly lit path for the last three models. Each model moved slowly and delicately, careful not to disturb the blooming garden inside their ballgowns. The glowing terrariums, beautifully adorned with white, yellow, and black see-through fabrics, added an element of intrigue.

Inside the sealed glass containers, pink, white, and yellow roses were placed alongside fluttering butterflies. This created a captivating visual spectacle, with the delicate wings gracefully moving within the terrariums. Undercover’s ‘Deep Mist’ collection for Spring/Summer 2024 showcased Takahashi’s ability to blend elegance and mystique into his designs.

To fully appreciate the creativity and artistry of Undercover’s SS24 collection, the entire show can be watched on their official platform. The combination of visually stunning garments, the hauntingly enchanting atmosphere, and the inclusion of the glowing terrariums filled with roses and butterflies made for an unforgettable fashion experience.

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