Vertical Wooden Foldable Louvers Crown Georgia’s Concrete Residence

You are currently viewing Vertical Wooden Foldable Louvers Crown Georgia’s Concrete Residence

TIMM Architecture has unveiled its latest project, House Around the Tree, located in Okrokana near Tbilisi, Georgia. The design of this contemporary and minimalist residence focuses on creating a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors, with a tree at the heart of the architectural concept.

The house is strategically built on a sloped terrain, spanning three levels that intensify the relationship with nature. The lower level serves as a base that houses the entrance and garage, while also providing a platform for a deck. This deck, designed in a plateau-like manner, is home to the living spaces, kitchen, lounge, gardens, and swimming pool. Exposed concrete elements give definition to the open-plan living zone, complimented by an abundance of natural light and shades. The design incorporates steel finishes and slender ‘cross-shape’ steel pillars that add a refined contrast to the neutral color palette.

In an effort to minimize its impact on the surrounding land, the design team has implemented a layout that consists of non-aligned blocks. This angular arrangement breaks away from formal rigidity and instead emphasizes the harmonious interplay between the architecture and landscape. The residence also features courtyards and verandas, further enhancing the connection to the outdoors. A central staircase, wrapped around an indoor tree, connects the two levels and floods the space with daylight through a large skylight.

The upper floor, which appears to be floating, is encased in vertical wooden brise-soleils. These louvers not only provide sun protection and ventilation but also establish a strong connection to nature. Fully openable, they contribute to the sense of lightness and continuity with the surroundings, allowing for a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living.

House Around the Tree by TIMM Architecture showcases a modern and minimalist design that beautifully embraces its natural surroundings. Through its thoughtful layout and careful selection of materials, the residence creates a harmonious blend between architecture and nature, while the presence of the tree at its core symbolizes a space without boundaries.

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