Vision Neue Klasse Offers a Glimpse of BMW’s Design Future

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The BMW 2000 is a beloved classic in the history of automobiles, known for its elegant simplicity and thrilling driving experience. It represented a defining design language that is still associated with the BMW brand. Now, the automaker has unveiled its latest concept, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, which pays homage to its predecessor and aims to make history once again.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse is like a teaser for an eagerly anticipated blockbuster, offering a glimpse into the German automaker’s plans for an electrified future focused on technology, efficiency, and understated luxury. This concept showcases a refreshed design language that references both BMW’s storied past and its technological aspirations. It marks a departure from the bold stylings that have divided opinions in recent years.

Unveiled at the IAA Mobility auto show in Munich, Germany, the Vision Neue Klasse retains the classic 4-door sedan silhouette that is synonymous with BMW, while stripping away the extraneous detailing that some loyalists have criticized. The standout feature is the concept’s 3D-printed, 3-dimensional front kidney grille and LED lighting assembly, which exudes the BMW essence without being overly flashy. The overall aesthetic is enhanced by the sleek and minimalist pearl white exterior.

The Vision Neue Klasse is sized similarly to the 3 Series model and is expected to serve as a template for future BMW vehicles from 2025 onwards. Its design elements, such as the slanted shark nose front, tapered midriff, and open-air cabin, are likely to influence upcoming models. However, one distinctive detail that may not make it to production is the concept’s yellow-mustard corduroy upholstered seats, as BMW is expected to follow the industry-wide shift away from leather.

Inside the cabin, the Vision Neue Klasse embraces a digital experience, with most physical controls limited to the steering wheel. The BMW Panoramic Vision, the automaker’s new iDrive Operating System, projects driving and informational graphics across the lower expanse of the windshield. The minimalistic dash is dominated by the steering wheel and a large touchscreen infotainment display.

BMW aims to capture the spirit of the iconic BMW 2002, which was praised for its ingenuity, style, and verve, as it transitions into the electric vehicle era. The Vision Neue Klasse concept offers a promising glimpse into this future and sets the stage for what’s to come from BMW.

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