Wearable Soundproof Microphone Muffles Voices of People Talking Loudly in Public

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Shiftall, a technology company, has created a new wearable solution called “mutalk” to address the problem of people talking loudly in public places. Mutalk is a VR-shaped soundproof Bluetooth microphone that is worn over the mouth to muffle voices in public settings such as offices, buses, metros, and trains.

The device is designed to isolate the wearer’s voice by reducing it by -20 decibels or more. This means that someone sitting next to the wearer would not be able to hear their conversation. Specifically, in the high-frequency range between 1,600 Hz and 2,000 Hz, where shouting tends to occur, mutalk can muffle the sound by about -30 decibels.

To use mutalk, the wearer simply places it upright on their desk to mute the microphone. When they need to speak loudly, they can place the device over their mouth and it will automatically muffle their voice. The device is also Bluetooth-ready, allowing it to be connected to smartphones. It comes with an adjustable headband for hands-free conversation and a 3.5mm stereo jack so earphones can be connected.

One of the unique features of mutalk is its removable headband, which makes it ideal for hands-free activities such as gaming or virtual reality experiences. This allows users to control games or take calls while typing or jotting down notes on a PC. Additionally, the mouth pad and moisture-absorbing cushion of the device are removable and washable.

Mutalk may be particularly beneficial for gamers who want to avoid disturbing their roommates or neighbors at night. It is also useful for individuals who need to take conference calls in a quiet office or open space like a coffee shop. With this wearable soundproof Bluetooth microphone, Shiftall aims to provide a peaceful and harmonious life for those who do not want to be bothered by noisy conversations.

Overall, mutalk offers a convenient and discreet solution for individuals who frequently find themselves needing to speak loudly in public places while still being considerate of those around them.

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