World’s First Foldable Camping Cabin That Fits Tesla Cybertruck, Can Be Stored in Garage After Use

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Foldable Truck Bed for Tesla Cybertruck Underway: Camp365 to Create World’s First Foldable Camping Cabin

In the world of innovative camping solutions, Camp365 has made a name for itself. The company previously developed a tiny trailer that transformed into a 100-square-foot cabin in under 9 minutes. Now, they are taking on a new challenge by creating the world’s first foldable camping cabin that can easily fit Tesla’s Cybertruck, as well as other electric vehicles and pickup cars.

Dubbed the ‘T Model’, this foldable cabin is a spacious and versatile option for adventurers. The trailer maker claims that it can accommodate up to four adults comfortably, even with a height of 6.8 inches. In the event of hosting guests, the truck bed can fit up to 12 people, although they will have to remain standing and mingling.

The exterior design of the cabin is unique, resembling a pyramidic casket. However, this triangular shape serves a purpose beyond aesthetics. It allows for easy unfolding and setup while also maximizing storage space. While the actual unfolding mechanism has not yet been revealed, as the company is still in the prototype-making stage, the cabin promises to be user-friendly and efficient.

One of the standout features of the T Model is its all-season, off-grid capabilities. The cabin is designed with an aerodynamic shape to minimize drag and maximize range. Despite its compact size, campers can still bring along their electric bikes, kayaks, or paddleboards, thanks to the foldable cabin’s toy racks.

Inside the T Model, everything is foldable and customizable. Campers can tailor the interior to their preference and even add foldable bunk beds if they prefer them over a queen-sized bed. The floor of the cabin also opens up, providing additional storage options. A shower with a sink and faucet can be installed either inside or outside the cabin, and a portable water purification and carbon filtration system ensure access to clean water.

For nomad workers or digital nomads, the foldable camping cabin can double as a workspace. The interior can easily be transformed into a personal office, providing a peaceful and productive environment for work on the go.

While the cabin may not come equipped with WiFi connectivity, Camp365 plans to offer an optional WiFi booster to enhance the connection speed. Additionally, the T Model is solar-ready, with the option to install a foldable solar panel outside the cabin for off-grid power. The cabin also features four charging ports and two electric outlets for added convenience.

Camp365 has developed patented lift assist technology, making the setup and takedown process quick and hassle-free. The cabin will be insulated with a dual-layer air gap insulation system, ensuring comfort in all seasons. Large screened windows provide ample airflow, and two side awnings offer shelter during rainy days.

To fully enjoy the cabin, campers will need to ensure that all equipment and furniture are foldable and removable. This allows for easy storage and convenience when using the truck bed for other purposes. After use, the foldable camping cabin can easily fit in pickup truck beds and be stored in the garage.

According to Camp365, the production of the world’s first foldable camping cabin is scheduled to begin by the summer of 2024. With its innovative design and versatile features, the T Model promises to revolutionize the camping experience for outdoor enthusiasts and digital nomads alike.

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