Yoshihisa Tanaka Crafts Reactive “Membranes” from Washi Paper for Issey Miyake Show

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Renowned artist Yoshihisa Tanaka has collaborated with Japanese brand Issey Miyake to create an interactive installation using pleated and folded washi paper for the brand’s Spring Summer 2024 show at Paris Fashion Week. Working with a Japanese factory that has over 1,300 years of history in making washi paper, Tanaka used a material made from plants with a touch of clay. The shapes in the installation were inspired by Issey Miyake’s design philosophy, which draws on the idea of a piece of cloth. Tanaka explained that he wanted to create sharp, straight lines as well as soft, curved ones by folding a piece of paper in the shape of a rectangle. He further described the paper installation as membranes that react subtly to their surroundings, responding to changes in movement, airflow, sound waves, humidity, and even emotions. The pieces of washi paper were hung and draped from the ceiling, allowing the models to interact with them as they moved. The installation was integral to the presentation of the Spring Summer 2024 collection, titled “Grasping the Formless,” which featured fluid, formless designs. Issey Miyake designer Satoshi Kondo explained that the inspiration for the collection came from a photograph he took of a flag fluttering outside a Parisian art gallery. The use of the washi-paper installation added to the comprehensive experience of the collection, creating abstract and changing forms that allow for freedom of imagination. Issey Miyake is known for its pleated, draped, and fluid designs. Tanaka’s use of washi paper and the collaboration with Issey Miyake showcase the brand’s commitment to innovative and artistic presentations.

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