Young Projects creates Six Square House for verdant site in the Hamptons

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Young Projects, an architectural studio based in Brooklyn, has created a stunning home in Bridgehampton, Long Island that pays homage to the area’s historic architecture while reimagining the traditional barn typology. Named Six Square House, the irregularly shaped dwelling is situated on a lush two-acre property with a historic farmhouse.

The team at Young Projects made several updates to the property, including an addition to the farmhouse, which now serves as guest quarters, as well as the addition of a pool, terrace, and pool house at the rear of the lot.

The main residence, designed as a contemporary counterpart to the farmhouse, consists of six gabled volumes, each measuring 24 by 24 feet. Five of these volumes are arranged around a small triangular courtyard, while one is set off to the side.

To create a sense of visual continuity, the roof ridges of all six volumes are aligned. However, the roof planes vary, adding to the home’s sculptural appearance. The roofs and outer walls are clad in a grey rainscreen made of charred accoya wood, while other walls are covered in Western red cedar rainscreens.

The slatted siding enhances the undulating roofscape and creates vertical striations that cascade from the roof ridge to the ground, adding to the home’s unique aesthetic.

The interior of the home is divided into public and private spaces. The public modules include the kitchen, mudroom, living room, and patio with dining furniture. The private modules consist of the primary bedroom, a guest room, den, and garage. Each module is oriented to provide a different view of the property.

The interior design focuses on creating a comfortable and calming atmosphere, with light-toned woods, vanilla-hued gypsum plaster walls, and marble countertops. Finishes such as white oak and ash were used for the flooring and millwork.

Young Projects’ Six Square House is a contemporary and innovative take on the traditional barn typology, blending harmoniously with the historic Long Island architecture. This project adds to the studio’s portfolio of impressive designs, which includes the transformation of a mixed-use building in Brooklyn with black zinc cladding and a sinuous staircase.

For more information about the project, please visit Young Projects’ website.

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